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What are the industrial brushes and what are the usage?

Public date:2022-06-27 13:48:45

Industrial use brushes are suitable for industrial industries, common uses, machine processing containers remove burrs, powder metallurgical removal of burrs, cylinder cylinder caps to remove burrs and other areas. The industry is very wide. In order to meet customers, merchants continue to improve. The types of types have also emerged endlessly. In order to facilitate great memory, I regulate them as the following columns.

One, round brush

The wheel brush is the most suitable tool for removing the burrs after processing of mechanical parts machine. It can be installed on, sandwheel, corner grinding machine, and pneumatic tools to remove burrs. The wheel brush is divided into:

1. Nylon abrasive wire rim

2. Trail steel wire rotation

3. Twisted wire wire roller

Optional bristles type: metal wire, abrasive wire. Natural plant silk, nylon wire

Second, bowl brush, pot brush

Bowl brush, pot brush is widely used in the fields of shipbuilding, machine processing, pipe welding and other fields. For bristles type: metal wire

1. Thread bowl

2. Twist bowl

3. Poor bowl

4. Pot brush

5. Potch

Third, brush brush

You can quickly remove dirt, paint, paint, and widely used in the field of machine processing.

1. Twisted pen type

2. Qu silk pen type

3. Cold pressure pointed pointed filaments

4. Cold pressure umbrella type brush

5. Nylon pen brush

6. Combined end surface brush

Four, ball head brush,

5. Tube brush, channel brush

6. Mini brush

7. Sword brush

8. Dise brush, flat brush

Nine. Stone brush

ten. Strip




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